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Payment Policies

(A) Fees.
Fees for services rendered are due in advance on the first day of each billing cycle. The customer's billing cycle shall be monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually as indicated in the order starting from the date of commencement of service.

CRSERVERS requires the first payment of the service before starting the service.

CRSERVERS will bill the customer via email of the primary contact registered in the customer's account. Invoices are sent a week before the expiration of service, and payment must be received on or before the due date of the billed cycle.

The customer is responsible for maintaining his Customer information updated (contacts, phone, email, and physical address).

CRSERVERS may suspend the service without prior notice when the customer's service has overdue invoices.

The customer agrees to pay any additional fees to CRSERVERS for restoring service following suspension for non-payment , included but not limited to the costs of CRSERVERS forgoing the overdue amounts, including collection agency fees, attorney fees, etc.

(B) Price changes.
CRSERVERS can modify fees for their services, but will notify the customer of the new fees at least thirty (30) days before the date of the renewal of the customer service. If the customer does not give a notice of its desire not to renew, this fact is taken as a sign of accepting the client modification their service fees.

(C) Early Termination.
The customer agrees to pay the services rendered during the term of the contract. If the customer decides not to use the services provided during the period that the term of the contract , refunds may be issued for prepaid services. Prepaid service refunds will only be issed for months in the future from the date service is canceled . No refunds will be issued for months durning which service was active. In the event that CRSERVERS be forced to terminate the contract due to a violation of the Terms of Service, there shall be no reimbursement from CRSERVERS.


(D) Other important issues related to nonpayment.
If it is impossible to process a payment in the service due date, you will be provided a grace period of 7 extra days to make appropriate cancellation. If payment is not received during the grace period, your account will be suspended for lack of payment.

If an account was suspended for non-payment will only be reactivated after paying the debt.

Then the account is terminated, all files and emails stored on our servers and will be erased and unrecoverable.

If a refund claim is placed with the payment processor sevice will be suspended while claim remains unresolved.

The use of fraudulent credit cards cards , or without the consent of the rightful owner is a violation of this contract and is grounds for inmediate termination and blocking of future access to our services.

Also, the use of any fraudulent payment document enables us to report such fact to law enforcement, financial institutions, and corresponding credit processors. In these cases, the client will have waived all rights to privacy.

We do offer refunds on prepaid services.

Credits may be issued to a customer's account according to our "Terms of Service"

Costa Rica's laws will apply to this contract.

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