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Company History

Sistemas Edenia Internacional started as a software distribution and development company in 1987 to promote an Accounts Receivable program developed in Dbase II that was later compiled with the Clipper compiler for Dbase II at around 1989.

"COBRA" was a success in those days among small Costa Rican businesses that were seeking to speed and automate their Receivables and Billing operations.

Later on, other sister applications were added. "INSTACON" as a General Ledger software, "STOCK" for inventories, "PAGA" as Accounts Payable, "FACTURA" for Invoicing, and a few other programs developed specifically at customers' requests.

This software business thrived during the 1990's and was Edenia's main income source.
Around 1995, we decided to try a new venture, Edenia BBS, to get in the online world before the Internet phenomenom.

We made our way into the online world by founding the EDENIA BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) in Costa Rica in 1987.
By  1989 we were "zooming" online with an Intel 486 / 128KB RAM PC with 2  x 20 MB Hard disks giving us a "whopping" 40 MB capacity. "State of the Art" computers were being sold with two 360 Kb floppy disk drives at that time.

This computer was connected to 2 phone lines hooked to 2 x 2400 bps modems.

We have been online since before the Internet even got started.... Ah! .... Those were the days!

Now we run several server clusters in our Data Center offering all Internet services in Costa Rica.

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