Costa Rica Servers Featured News: Enhanced security for Interworx accounts.

Published: 03/08/2012

24,000 urls are compromised every day.  CRServers is dedicated to preventing your site from being one of them.  To further this goal, we have recently implemented Atomic Secured Linux for our Interworx Control Panel accounts to protect against the many varieties of attack that are perpetrated on a regular basis.  The numerous features of this world-class protection include:

  • Rootkit detection and prevention

  • Detection and prevention of entire classes of attacks such as buffer overflows, SQL injection and cross site scripting, remote code inclusion, directory recursion and others.

  • Web intrusion prevention and firewall.

  • Constantly updated Blacklists of spammers, malware and attackers. Spamhaus and other RBLs are used and always up to date.

  • Protection from Low and Slow attacks, also brute force attacks (includes protection for:  ssh, mysql, ftp, mail servers, control panels, suhosin failures, samba, etc.)

  • Denial of service protection.

  • Realtime malware/virus/trojan protection and removal.

  • Prevention of data leakage, such as credit card numbers, SSNs or other sensitive customer data.

  • Disabling of unsafe PHP functions and others to prevent entire classes of vulnerabilities.

  • For additional features, see the website:  http://atomicorp.com/products/asl.html