Costa Rica Servers Featured News: New domain TLDs available for registration on CRservers.com

Published: 05/08/2012

.Mobi is the only TLD dedicated to the unique needs of mobile web users. Visitors can trust that a website is compatible with their mobile device if it ends in .mobi.

No residency requirements for .CO. Ideal for companies. Anyone can register a .CO, .COM.CO, .NET.CO or .NOM.CO domain name.

.TV is the address for rich and dynamic media on the web.

Available to the general public, .name email addresses are listed as firstname@lastname.name or lastname@firstname.name, while Web sites are listed as www.firstname.lastname.name

The .TEL is a service that allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website.

One of the fastest growing ccTLDs of 2008 is the new .ME domain. .ME is used to personalize your web presence and make a statement by a name. Plus it is a great tool for both individuals and businesses to help people remember where to find them online

2nd Level Domain for Saudi Arabia.

You must meet all the .US Nexus registration requirements to register a name in the .US TLD.

Admin Contact must be located in .ASIA approved region or meet registrant contact requirements for Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED).

To register a .EU domain name, you must meet one of the following requirements: i) Undertakings having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European community; ii) Organizations established within the European Community without prejudice to the application of national law; iii) Natural persons resident within the European Community.