Costa Rica Servers Featured News: Better VPS Plans Offered

Published: 24/07/2010

CRServers has just updated all its Virtual Private Server plans to use the feature-rich VirtPanel VPS Control Panel.

With VirtPanel's flexibility and ease of use, CRServers will now offer better VPS plans that adjust more closely to the customers different requirements and price ranges.
See available VPS Plans and more details.

Here are some of the most relevant features now available with CRServers's VPS plans:

  • Easy to use VPS Customer Control Panel
  • Choose your OS from CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Slackware, Suse, Ubuntu
  • Enable TUN/TAP device from CP
  • FTP Access to VPS files from CP
  • Restart and shutdown VPS
  • Rebuild VPS
  • Change resource limits of your VPS
  • Change resource plan from CP
  • System-wide SSH console
  • Change root password.
  • Mobile Login: VPS information, Restart , Shutdown
  • In-depth bandwidth usage graphs.
  • Progress bars showing the progress of an action.
 Here's a snapshot of the customer Control Panel: