Costa Rica Servers Featured News: New advanced firewall protection for shared hosting customers.

Published: 20/11/2012

At CRServers.com, we know from first-hand experience that the internet is a cyber-jungle, where evil beasts roam in search for any weakness that can be exploited to their advantage.

We use the Sophos UTM firewall to prevent exploits that lead to data loss or theft, infected computers, and other events that interfere with the operation of your site.

This firewall uses several methods to ensure that no unwanted traffic will be allowed to pass, including stateful packet filters, application-level deep packet filtering and network address translation.

Deep-packet inspection identifies and removes malicious content before it enters by using a constantly updated database to ensure protection against the latest threats.  Application and protocol related probes and attacks are prevented.

Flood protection provides a defense against DoS, DDoS and portscan attacks.

The integration of the Sophos firewall represents another step in CRServers.com’s never ending quest to provide our customers with the speed, service and security that they require from their internet hosting solution.