Costa Rica Servers Featured News: The Pioneering Journey of CRServers and Edenia in Blockchain and Bitcoin

Published: 22/07/2023


Since its inception, CRServers has been at the forefront of technological innovation in Costa Rica. From being the first company in the country to accept Bitcoin payments in 2013 to running the first blockchain node in 2015, we've been pioneers in embracing and advancing blockchain technology. In this article, we'll take you through our journey and discuss why decentralization and geographic diversity are crucial for the resilience of blockchain networks.

Early Adoption of Bitcoin

In 2013, CRServers became the first company in Costa Rica to accept Bitcoin payments. This early adoption positioned us as leaders in the digital currency space and paved the way for our parent company, Edenia, to make further strides in the industry.

Running the First Blockchain Node

In 2015, we achieved another milestone by being the first to run a blockchain node from our data center in Costa Rica. Utilizing CRServers' robust infrastructure, we've since been running dozens of nodes across different blockchain protocols.

The Challenge of Centralization

Centralization of hosting providers poses a significant challenge to the decentralized nature and resilience of blockchain networks. These networks thrive on geographic diversity, and our efforts aim to preserve this essential characteristic.

Edenia's Contribution: Bitcoin ATMs

Our parent company, Edenia, didn't stop at just pioneering blockchain technology. In 2017, Edenia introduced the first Bitcoin ATMs in Costa Rica. Today, it operates the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the country, powered by CRServers' backend services. Learn more about this network at CostaRicaBitcoins.com.


Our journey in pioneering blockchain technology and Bitcoin adoption in Costa Rica reflects our commitment to innovation and decentralization. As we continue to evolve, we invite you to be part of this exciting journey. For more information, feel free to contact us.