Web Hosting

Our shared hosting service is usually what people mean when they say “web hosting”. It is called “shared” because many websites run on one server connected to the Internet.

Reseller Plans
Linux Virtual Private Servers

We’ve simplified the process of getting your projects up and running. Three packages with CPU, RAM, SSD storage, and transfer bandwidth all bundled up so you don’t waste time trying to decide.

Dedicated Servers

SSD (Solid State Drive) servers are considered to be faster, more powerful, and more efficient compared to a traditional SATA server. In fact, they can be about 20 times faster.


CostaRicaServers.com provides a secure, fast, cost-effective, and reliable offshore co-location environment for your servers with a guaranteed 99.9% network up-time based in Costa Rica.

Register Domains
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.CR Domains
.CR TLD domains must be registered manually through the Costa Rican National Academy of Sciences. Let us help you register and configure your domain name in Costa Rica.