Recognition for Our Work

Publicado: 17/03/2021

We have being recognized by PROCOMER, a commerce incentives association, for the outstanding software development work done by our team!

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Pay with Bitcoin, DASH, or your favorite altcoin!

Publicado: 22/01/2018

Now we are accepting payments with over 50+ alternative CryptoCurrencies! Pay with:          Follow this procedure to pay with your favorite Crypto Currency:  1- From your Client Area, choose "Bitcoin" as payment method  2- Press on "Pay with Altcoins" tab  3- Choose or search for your favorite a ...

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CR Servers Incorpora Mejor Control de SPAM y Malware al Sistema de Email

Publicado: 29/11/2016

Para mejorar el control del SPAM y Malware directamente por nuestros clientes, hemos incorporado el "Firewall MailCleaner" a todos los sistemas de correo email sin ningun costo adicional. Utilizando sus mismas credenciales de email, Ud. podrá ingresar al Panel del Usuario, y tener control total ...

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Costa Rica BTC Node - Now Fully SegWit Compatible

Publicado: 28/11/2016

Our Bitcoin full node node has been upgraded to Core Satoshi:0.13.1 which makes the node fully SegWit compatible We are ready for SegWit activation !

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CRServers Bitcoin Node Updated to Core 0.13.0

Publicado: 06/09/2016

We are happy to announce that our full Bitcoin node is now running Bitcoin Core version 0.13.0 This new version features the long-awaited Segregated Witness which improves block capacity by over 50%, plus a myriad of other advantages. Check out all the new features here: ...

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Customer Support Platform Upgrade

Publicado: 24/04/2016

Dear Customers and Friends, Lately, we decided to migrate our Customer Support Platform to a stronger and more secure system. Now, we are happy to announce that the Customer Area is back online. Please access your account at: https://clients.crservers.com/clientarea/ We are certain that you ...

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Disponibles - Sevidores Dedicados Intel Xeon Hexa-Core

Publicado: 30/09/2015

Ya tenemos disponibles los potentes servidores dedicados INTEL Xeon Hexa-Core. 2x XEON HEXA-CORE @2.66 GHz(12 cores, 12M, 1333 MHz FSB) 16GB Fully Buffered RAM 2x 1TB SATA Hard Drives Dell PowerEdge R610 II Connección de 100 Mbps Descuentos especiales del 10% y 20% por contratos de 6 ...

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Nueva Xeams SPAM Firewall

Publicado: 23/09/2015

Hemos agregado un nuevo dispositivo de Pared contra SPAM (Xeams SPAM Firewall) para mejor combatir el "Correo no deseado" (SPAM) Xeams SPAM Firewall implementa avanzados algoritmos en código cerrado y metodología de aprendizaje Bayesian para filtrar efectivamente el SPAM en forma ...

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Venta de Bitcoin

Publicado: 29/08/2015

Vendemos Bitcoin (BTC) por Colones (CRC) o Dolares (USD) usando transferencia bancaria nacional (SINPE) o deposito bancario.Oferta limitada. Ver anuncios en Localbitcoins

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Oferta Gratis! - Respaldos en Linea para Servidores y PC's

Publicado: 26/05/2015

Sus datos necesitan protección contra fallos o robo de sus equipos. Pruebe nuestro nuevo servicio de Respaldos en Linea para sus servidores o estaciones de trabajo gratis los primeros 30 dias sin compromiso! Consulte las Caracteristicas Principales y descargue el software.Para mayor información c ...

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Charla sobre la tecnología Bitcoin

Publicado: 16/01/2015

Club de Investigación Tecnológica, S.A.Apartado Postal 12740-100   Teléfono 2223-5923  Fax 2223-1997www.clubdeinvestigacion.com De:       Leda MoraAsunto: Reunión del 21 de enero del 2015 Es grato invitarle a la reunión ...

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CloudFlare Optimized Partner

Publicado: 11/10/2014

CR Servers is happy to announce a new partnership with CloudFlare, the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we deliver their simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your website joins the CloudFlare community, ...

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CRServers Bitcoin Node Created

Publicado: 10/10/2014

We have created a Bitcoin full node in our Data Center. This will speed up our customer's Bitcoin transactions and access to the blockchain. With this measure CRServers helps secure the global Bitcoin network and make it available to Costa Rica's local networks.

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Maya-1 Sub-cable Maintenance Window

Publicado: 24/09/2014

CR Servers has been informed of a preventive maintenance window that will be undertaken by the consortium that operates the MAYA-1 submarine cable. The maintenance work will begin on Friday September 26 at 10pm (GMT -6) and will finalize at 6am (GMT -6) on Sunday September 28, 2014. The estimated ...

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Processing Power Increased for Shared Hosting Plans

Publicado: 08/08/2014

We are pleased to announce that our Interworx Shared Hosting system has been upgraded to double its original capacity. We have added an additional 8 core 800.00Mhz AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6136 and the memory RAM has been duplicated.

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Follow us in Twitter

Publicado: 16/07/2014

We urge our customers and friends to follow CRServers' announcements on our Twitter account at https://twitter.com/crservers

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Costa Rica Implements IXP technology (Internet Traffic Exchange)

Publicado: 10/06/2014

Costa Rica has installed its own point of Internet Traffic Exchange.The IXP will facilitate communications between Costa Ricans and all Internet servers located in the country, so there will be no need to send traffic through other countries such as the US. The installation of the IXP will lead to ...

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Shared Hosting Software Updates

Publicado: 08/06/2014

We are excited to announce that two critical  packages for our Interworx Hosting CP has been upgraded.We are now running PHP 5.4.29 which makes us 100% compliant with Joomla 3.3 and other popular CMS. Additionally PHP 5.4 offers many new security and speed enhancements. Also, we have upgraded our ...

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Hospedaje IPv6 en Costa Rica

Publicado: 02/06/2014

En CR servers somos concientes de la importancia y ventajas adicionales que proporciona el Protocolo IP versión 6 para el futuro del Internet. Como ventajas indiscutibles del protocolo IPv6 se destacan el universo practicamente inagotable de hosts y su superioridad en velocidad y alta ...

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Lower Prices for Domains!

Publicado: 15/04/2014

CRServers is always working to lower prices for our customers and resellers.  Effective immediately, the following TLDs now have a new lower price!  .com .net .org .biz .info  We have reduced all domain registration, transfer and renewal fees for .com domains from $17.50 to $14.99 !! Please find ...

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Dedicated Servers Traffic Graphs

Publicado: 01/04/2014

All our dedicated server customers will be happy to know that now they can see their server's traffic graphs from their Client Area. This was possible by implementing connections to all our switches from our Customers Service Portal via a Cacti server. Here's an image of how it looks:

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New IDERA Enterprise Backup Server

Publicado: 13/03/2014

We are proud to announce the implementation of our new IDERA Enterprise Backup server. The system is making daily backups all our Windows and Linux shared hosting servers, accounts, and databases. This new addition will also give more functionality to our customers as they will be able to manage ...

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More VPS power and capacity

Publicado: 14/02/2014

We have just added a new host to our Xenserver pool.This provides further computing power and more capacity to our popular Virtual Private Server Plans

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We Accept Bitcoin !

Publicado: 05/05/2013

We have added BitPay, the Bitcoin payment processor, to our system! Now it is possible use Bitcoin to purchase our services! You can find more information on this secure cryptographic peer-to-peer currency here

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New advanced firewall protection for shared hosting customers.

Publicado: 20/11/2012

At CRServers.com, we know from first-hand experience that the internet is a cyber-jungle, where evil beasts roam in search for any weakness that can be exploited to their advantage. We use the Sophos UTM firewall to prevent exploits that lead to data loss or theft, infected computers, and other ...

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Super Dell Poweredge Dedicated Servers available, same price.

Publicado: 02/10/2012

Due to our recent good fortune, we are offering a limited amount of Dell Poweredge Dedicated Servers with the best specifications to be found in Costa Rica, at the same rate as our regular servers. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are in the market for a dedicated server: • DUAL INTEL ...

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New Root Server in Costa Rica means Better Performance and Stability

Publicado: 29/08/2012

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), in association with NIC Costa Rica has installed a copy of the L root server in Costa Rica.  These root name servers are a critical part of the Internet because they are the first step in resolving hostnames (such as ...

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New domain TLDs available for registration on CRservers.com

Publicado: 05/08/2012

.mobi .Mobi is the only TLD dedicated to the unique needs of mobile web users. Visitors can trust that a website is compatible with their mobile device if it ends in .mobi. .co No residency requirements for .CO. Ideal for companies. Anyone can register a .CO, .COM.CO, .NET.CO or .NOM.CO ...

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Enhanced security for Interworx accounts.

Publicado: 03/08/2012

24,000 urls are compromised every day.  CRServers is dedicated to preventing your site from being one of them.  To further this goal, we have recently implemented Atomic Secured Linux for our Interworx Control Panel accounts to protect against the many varieties of attack that are ...

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New Lower Price for Domain Registration/Renewal

Publicado: 14/06/2012

We have reduced our prices on Domain Registrations and Renewals: 1 Year  - $17.50 2 Years - $34.00 3 Years - $49.50 4 Years - $64.00 5 Years - $77.50 Also, receive free domain registration/renewal when paying annually for the following hosting accounts:  Professional, Corporate, ...

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World Internet Day, May 17th.

Publicado: 18/05/2012

What is World Internet Day? UN General Assembly Resolution 60/252, page 3:13.  Decides to proclaim 17 May annual World Information Society Day to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet and other information and communications technologies can bring to societies ...

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Google releases Penguin search engine update, What should you do?

Publicado: 14/05/2012

The recent Penguin update was implemented a few weeks ago from Google.  The changes can be confusing, and if you don't adapt properly, your ranking may be penalized. Penguin was designed to target webspam tactics, and you may have inadvertently broken the new rules. Web engines are still ...

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VPS Cloud Servers Available!

Publicado: 03/05/2012

Why a cloud server?  By moving to the cloud, you inhabit a network of servers, all at once.  If you site server begins to generate more traffic (more business for you!), then it is easy to quickly add more nodes to handle the increase.VPS systems are made up of one or more nodes. Each ...

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New Location for crservers!

Publicado: 28/03/2012

On March 26th, we officially relocated to the commercial center of San Jose.  The 5th floor of the Trifami Building, across from the Central Post Office, is our new home.  We are now just two blocks from RACSA, the server farm where our resources are located and the teminating point for ...

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Publicado: 02/03/2012

Celebremos juntos la Reunión Mundial de Internet ICANN 43 que se desarrollará en nuestro país del 11 al 16 de marzo, 2012.Durante este mes de Marzo, usted podrá registrar su dominio .cr con CRServers  por tan solo USD $45 o .co.cr por USD $15. (1 año)

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Publicado: 02/03/2012

In celebration of 43rd International Public ICANN Meeting to be held in Costa Rica from 11 to 16 March, 2012, we are offering .cr registration at half price. During the month of March, you can register your .cr domain at crservers.com for for just USD $45 or .co.cr for USD $15. (1 year)

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ICANN 43 UPDATE, Coming to Costa Rica in March!

Publicado: 01/03/2012

Public Meeting 43 of ICANN (1)(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is coming to Costa Rica. The worldwide organization that coordinates the Domain Name System and IP Addresses will hold this event from March 11-16, 2012 at the Ramada Plaza Herradura hotel near the Juan Santamaria ...

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Dedicated Bandwidth is now available. How fast do you want to go?

Publicado: 14/02/2012

Dedicated bandwidth is always available for your use. Streaming audio or video, processing lots of credit card orders, servicing clients in real-time or a number of other scenarios will either require or run much better with dedicated bandwidth. 

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Has your page ranking been affected by Google's Panda Update?

Publicado: 01/02/2012

A.K.A. Farmer's update, as referred to by SEOs who believe this change was made to de-emphasize websites with more ads than content.  There are many unhappy webmasters after this update, who have seen their traffic plummet.  In fact, 12% of Google searches have been affected by this ...

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Rent Microsoft Server software now!

Publicado: 27/01/2012

You no longer have to purchase Windows Server or SQL Server for your dedicated server. We now offer this software for a low monthly fee. Go here for details: Microsoft SPLA Licenses

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Great news for .cr domains

Publicado: 17/11/2011

Do you have a domain under .cr?  You may have noticed the recent significant speed increases.  Servers have recently been added in California, Virginia, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Montreal, Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica.  What this means is that the ...

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Costa Rica, Venue for ICANN Public Meeting In 2012

Publicado: 31/07/2011

Costa Rica was chosen as the venue of the 43rd public meeting for ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), non-profit entity coordinator of the Domain Name System, can be found at www.icann.org. The host of this activity will be the National Academy of Sciences through ...

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Costa Rica Adventure Race 2011

Publicado: 27/06/2011

CRServers is proud to host this years edition of the Costa Rica Adventure Race. A true Expedition Race trough the tropical heartland of Costa Rica ... class I through IV rivers guided, paddle kayaks in rivers, estuaries, canals and in the ocean.  several canopy sections ... miles of ...

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Coffe Bowl Tennis Tournament

Publicado: 07/01/2011

Complete Success! To see all results visit: 47th Coffee Bowl Tennis Tournament.We congratulate the Costa Rica Country Club and the whole staff that has organized this important junior tennis tournament.CRServers is proud to be a part of this organization by designing and updating the website live ...

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Robin's Kitchen

Publicado: 02/01/2011

At the start of this new year 2011, we are glad to inaugurate the new Robin's Kitchen new website.Owned and operated by its owner Robin Emigh, "La Cocina de Robin Restaurant and Cafe" has become a must-visit place for a full meal, or just come to taste their famous pastry with a cup of coffee.The ...

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Highest Quality Dentistry in Costa Rica

Publicado: 27/10/2010

We are happy to announce the inauguration of the new High Tech Dental Clinic website.The clinic offers high quality dental work in several dental disciplines for patients in Costa Rica and all over the world.We urge all interested parties to visit their website and take advantage of their work and ...

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New Efficient Billing and Support System

Publicado: 15/09/2010

We have implemented a new and efficient Billing and Support System for fast and easy interaction with all of our customers.Inside the customer's Client Area, you can see all your invoices, transactions, support tickets, all emails, register and manage your domains, etc.This will allow every ...

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Scheduled Maintenance

Publicado: 17/08/2010

Dear Customer,In order to provide you with better service, there will be scheduled maintenance windows on the following days: August 20, 24, 25 and September 4th and 5th. The reason for this maintenance is due to firmware updates on our routers and switches. Patching includes various security and ...

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CRServers.com launches new Website

Publicado: 12/08/2010

We have just inaugurated a new website at CRServers.com !With this improvement, we are providing our visitors and customers with a more intuitive and pleasant interface.Now, all of our hosting plans, data center characteristics, and company information are easily available online.

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Better VPS Plans Offered

Publicado: 24/07/2010

CRServers has just updated all its Virtual Private Server plans to use the feature-rich VirtPanel VPS Control Panel. With VirtPanel's flexibility and ease of use, CRServers will now offer better VPS plans that adjust more closely to the customers different requirements and price ranges.See ...

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CRServers integrates InterWorx CP

Publicado: 18/07/2010

CRservers  has incorporated the InterWorxs Control Panel to its cluster of virtual hosting servers. InterWorx brings new and exciting features for our Virtual Hosting customers:E-Mail ManagementCreate and manage email boxesCreate and manage email vacation messages Create and manage email ...

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